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Baby food Warmers are used to heat the baby food. It heats baby’s frozen food, formula and even breast milk very quickly and efficiently. The Warmers are better than microwave to heat the baby food. These warmers do not leave the spots behind like the microwave. The warmers never over heat the food. The food Warmers are available in two models, electric and digital.

Electric baby food Warmers

To use the electric baby food warmer, it should be placed on a flat and leveled surface. And then it needs to be plugged in. The warmer basket is placed on the base of the warmer and then the container is filled with the food and placed inside the warmer.

Then the warmer basket is filled with water just above the level of the food if the container is small and the water is filled up to the rim of the warmer if the container is large. Once the warmer is switched on, the food should be left in the warmer for four minutes for small containers, five minutes for medium containers and seven minutes for large containers.

After the heating, the food should be tested for heat before being fed to the baby to avoid any food burns. The solid and liquid foods take different time to heat so the time setting should be changed accordingly. And to avoid building up of scales in the warmer, distilled water can be used instead of the tap water.

Digital food warmer

The digital baby food warmer works same as the electric food warmer except for the settings part. Once the warmer is filled with water and the container with the milk or food is placed in the warmer, the warmer is turned on. The digital warmer comes with low and high heat settings and the volume of the food set to be heated can be selected from the options.


Once the volume is set, the warmer automatically calculates the e time required to heat the food. Even on the high heat setting, the baby food is never too hot to touch. Once the food is heated, the warmer beeps indicating the heating cycle is done. After the lid is opened, the steam should be released before removing the container from the warmer with a clean cloth. The temperature of the food should always be checked before feeding the baby.
Many baby food Warmers come with a built in sterilizer that can clean baby bottles. A glass container should never be placed in the warmer because there is always the risk of glass breaking.