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Food warmer cabinets are used by the restaurants and the food services businesses. They are used to hold the food fresh for longer period of time. This warmer do not reheat the food. They simply hold the food fresh for future purposes. The food warmer cabinets come both as insulated and un-insulated. Some warmer cabinets have heat only option and some have heat and humidity. If the cabinet is used multiple times in a day, the insulated one is used because every time the door is opened, the temperature drops. Different hospitality businesses use it for different purposes as per their needs. The cabinets come in different sizes and models.

Humidified cabinets full length

This is a heated humidified cabinet that has glass doors to prevent the loss of heat. This cabinet comes with the digitally controlled heat and humidity system that can maintain a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The cabinet has polished stainless steel exterior and one inch thick fiberglass insulation.

Heated humidified cabinet under cover

If the food storage requirement is small, this cabinet comes handy. It does not occupy much space and serves the purpose. Both the interiors and the exteriors of this cabinet are polished with stainless steel and it is insulated with fiberglass insulation throughout. It can hold maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. And the humidity levels can be adjusted by the controls to retain the moisture in the foods stored.

Pizza holding and warmer cabinet

These food warmer cabinets hold the pizzas moist with crispy crust by circulating the hot and moist air gently throughout the interiors. This cabinet is completely made out of stainless steel with heavy duty hinges.

Non-insulated cabinet Warmers

The non insulated food warmer cabinets have fast heat up and recovery features. The temperatures inside the cabinet can be controlled by the thermostat and other controls without opening the door. These cabinets can hold temperatures ranging from 80 to 190 degree Fahrenheit. The whole body is made of aluminum and it has separate controls for heat and humidity.

The cabinet comes with a see through glass door that displays the contents without the need to open the door. It is also very easy to clean the interiors of this cabinet.


Transport cabinet

This cabinet comes with an aluminum interior and polyethylene insulation that protects the heat from escaping. The exterior is cool to touch and the solid doors are insulated with fiberglass insulation.