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Commercial food warmers are essential equipments in the restaurants, Coffeehouses, catering business and ice cream shops. Food warmers are the easiest and safe way to keep the prepared food warm and fresh, ready to serve the people when ordered. The food is stored at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They are very energy efficient and easy to use. There are various types of food warmers like display food warmers, heat lamps, hot plates, soup kettles etc that are used widely for the commercial purposes.

Display Commercial Food Warmers

Display food warmers are mostly used in the cafes and the countertop areas. These warmers keep the food hot and at the same time display the beauty of the mouth watering food it holds.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are used in the restaurants. They are known for their high heat capacity and to keep the food hot and fresh. Heat lamps come in many shapes and sizes. They are used to make the food steaming hot before being served at the table.

Carving Stations

Carving Stations are used to hold the juicy meats. They come with a built in heating lamp that keep the temperature at desired degrees while keeping and displaying the food fresh.

Soup Kettle

Soup kettles hold soups and other liquids hot on the salad bars. They come with hinged lids and temperature controls that make it easy for the customers to self-serve.

Warming Drawers

Warming Drawers are used in big restaurant kitchens to hold large quantities of food for quick use. They hold multiple varieties of foods that can be used in menu for quick preparation of dishes to serve the customers.


Pizza and Pretzel Merchandiser

The Pizza and the Pretzel Merchandiser are used on the countertops to display the prepared pizzas and pretzels to the customers. It keeps the food fresh and hot ready for serving as soon as the customer places an order.

Drop in Hot food wells

Drop-in hot food wells are self-insulated and very energy efficient. These commercial food warmers can hold large quantities of food and other ingredients ready in the kitchens always ready to serve hot and fresh. They are widely used in the restaurants and the catering businesses.

Counter top food warmers

Counter top food warmers are an essential part of every commercial kitchen. It can hold both wet and dry food hot and steamy ready for serving.

Steam Table

Steam tables are a type of commercial food warmer that can hold the food warm for longer period of time. This table has several well where water is placed and a pan of food is left to float on it. The steam created by the hot water keeps the food warm and fresh.