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Food warmer buffet is used in restaurants and in catering services. They keep the food hot and ready to be served at any time. It is the most essential piece of appliance in the restaurant and in catering businesses. These food Warmers are good for keeping the food hot and fresh in buffet lines. The heat is generated both from above and below in these food Warmers. These Warmers hold temperatures ranging from 80 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat setting depends on the food that is being kept to keep warm. The temperatures are controlled by a thermostat that is fixed on the base. The incandescent lights that focuses on the display of the food kept in the warmer are shatter resistant. They protect the food from being contaminated if they are broken accidentally.

Food warmer buffet comes in many shapes and models like the counter top buffet server, family cart warmer, buffet warming cart etc.

Countertop Buffet Server

The countertop buffet server keeps the food hot for long hours. It comes with roll top lids, two stainless steel pan frames and five stainless steel chafing pans. The heat controls on the food warmer buffet helps to keep different foods at different temperatures making sure the food is not over cooked or dried. The oven safe pans help to get the food directly from oven to the buffet for serving. The handles are cool to touch so there is no risk of burns on touch.

Multilevel Buffet Server

This food warmer buffet has warming pans on two levels that can hold more varieties of food for serving in buffet. The temperature controls keeps different temperature in different pans. The cool touch handles and the oven safe pans make the transfer of food from oven to service easy.

Buffet Warming Cart

Buffet warming carts are useful to carry the all the cooked foods in one go to the guests in the dining area. The top level of the cart holds the food hot. The thermostat controls the temperature on the cart from 155 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The other two levels are used for storage purposes. It comes with stainless steel pans and cool touch handles.


Buffet Heat Lamp

Buffet heat lamp is an important part of any buffet service. This lamp is placed directly over the platter of food. It comes with a 250 watt infrared light that gives uniform heat to the platter of food.